The reunion survey is now closed.  We are processing your replies and will move onto the planning stage!!  Stay in touch!

Dear Westmont High School Class of 1970,
The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary
of our graduation from Westmont High School.

A committee is being formed to enable us to celebrate this milestone.
We are looking for volunteers as well as your opinion.

We would like to know how you want to celebrate!
The committee will try to accommodate as many of your requests as possible.  Though pleasing everyone is impossible; we will try.  We are sure you understand it takes many man-hours and money to plan a memorable event like this.  We would love your help if possible.  


Classmates - has your contact information changed?  If so, please access the "Contact Us" page to send an update.


        WESTMONT CLASS OF 1970
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