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Sheryl Brodsky-Harland

Birth Date: 1952-01-22
Deceased Date: 2007-06-14
Therese Buton - January 14th, 2016
Hey Sheryl~

I am shocked to find you listed here.  I did not know of your passing.  I remember our days in History Class together.  I remember all the good times we shared.  I was just poking around here as I remember Sue Pokriots Bernstein died this month (January 20th) a few years back.

Say hey to our buddies that have passed from the Class of 1970.  Go Warriors!

~Therese Button

Mike Bullier

Birth Date: 1951-01-09
Deceased Date: 1989-03-08
Margaret Hirakawa - May 10th, 2017
Aloha Mike,  I still miss you, to this day!  So glad you came to Hawaii to see me before I could see you no more!  Mike was my closest friend in high school.  Always a kind word for everyone and everything!  Our years on the Westmont Swim Team will never be forgotten on me!  Aloha and mahalo Mike for your true friendship!!
Therese (Terrie) Button - July 22nd, 2010
Hey my friend, I asked about you at the last reunion.  Sue Pokriots Bernstein and I were on the reunion committee together three years running and we thought you were gone.  We were not sure, but rumors of your passing were circulating.  May you rest in peace.
Teri Spence - June 24th, 2010
I just opened the reunion website and went to the memorial page, and I got the shock of my life! I had just talked to Sue a couple of months before and she didn't say anything to me about her health. I told her about my breast cancer,and double mastectomy,and she said nothing about hers at all. Well my friend rest in peace, and just know that I'm doing great!
Julie Carrico - May 2nd, 2010
A good and kind friend, and classmate.  Fond memories of our Poly-Sci class at West Valley Comm Coll... Mike had notes on a recorder... I took notes by shorthand... we consolidated efforts at my parent's kitchen table while studying for exams.  Hard to believe we lost him so early.
Bless ~ Bless 

Richard (Rich) Burgess

Birth Date: 1952-08-03
Deceased Date: 2020-12-05
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Cory Cameron

Birth Date: 1952-03-27
Deceased Date: 2021-01-12
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Philip Cattaneo

Birth Date: 1952-06-06
Deceased Date: 2015-07-18
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Kathy Cervantes-Ortiz (Cervantes)

Birth Date: 1952-01-06
Deceased Date: 2016-04-16
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Larry Chatoff

Birth Date: 1952-04-02
Deceased Date: 1999-06-14
Therese Button - January 14th, 2016
Hey Larry~

Just found this.  I am so sorry.  Say hi to all our old buddies from the Class of 1970.  Go Warriors!  I cannot believe this.  So many are gone.  God Bless and Keep You with all of our other classmates.

~Therese Button
Butch Hart - July 13th, 2014
Larry and Scott Shields played on the Quito Senior League champion Seals. Lively personality and a good teammate.

Larry Clanton

Birth Date: 1952-11-03
Deceased Date: 2015-01-19
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Paula Clements-Kenyon (Clements)

Birth Date: 1952-05-13
Deceased Date: 2022-06-21
Rob Klassen - July 30th, 2022
It is with great sadness that I have learned of Paula Clements-Kenyon’s passing. You see Paula and I were boyfriend and girlfriend for over a year in high school. I did not attend Westmont but Cupertino High. I first met Paula through my cousin who attended Westmont as he was dating her sister Claudia. Paula was my prom date and we shared many adventures together. We were both in band and we enjoyed sports together. She had an infectious smile and laugh and such a wonderful outgoing personality. Over the years I would often remember her and my thoughts were always hoping she was happy and loved by those all around her. My heart and prayers go out to her family and friends through this difficult time. One last thing, I am a member of the Gideon’s society and will be donating 5 bibles in the name of Paula Clements-Kenyon to be distributed somewhere in the world. Rest in peace dear Paula.
Rob Klassen

Dennis Costa

Birth Date: 1951-09-16
Deceased Date: 2014-01-17
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