We need your help!

We've made contact with many of our classmates and our various search methods have provided some success, but there are still many we have not yet been able to locate.

You may be in contact with one or some, or you may have information we can use to further our search.  Please network with us to get the word out!!  (Married names, cities lived in, sibling's/children's/parent's names... any of these can be leads to aid in our search!)

Please report information to one of the following:
Dan Jones  dgjones@gci.net 
Julie Carrico  916-825-6940

"Contact Us" page on this website


MaidenName-MarriedName, FirstName

CLASS OF 1970:
Acuff-Sifuentez, Saundra
Allen, Linda
Arrendondo, Inaki
Battaglio, Margaret
Bingham-LaMarca, Patricia
Brooks, Sheryl
Brunner, Kathy
Cardenas-Castaneda, Evelyn
Coar, Daniel
Cochran, Debbie
Connolly, Mark
Cooper, Peggy
Corry, Charles
Daniels, Cathy
Davis, Dennis
Davis, Robert
Davis, John
De Los Santos, Mary
Devine, Dennis
Dolin, Darlene
Drake, Marilyn
Elder, Lee 
Erickson, Ronald
Feliciano, Karen
Ferruolo, Harry
Field, Christine
Forster, Avalon
Gibson-Meeks, Kathleen
Gipson, Raymond
Guerra, David
Hernandez, Gilbert
Hervey, Steven
Hollis, Jack
Iverson, Teri
James, Wesley
Johnson, Greg
Jones, Nina
Jurma, David
Kuhns, Mike
Kurtz-Graham, Ann
Larson, Dennis
Lawrence, Gary
Lenk, Robert
Leon, Anna
Lindeman, Vince
Martin, Stephen
Martindale, Sharon
Martineau, David
McCaffrey, Craig
McFarland, Susan
McGehee-Dupre, Cynthia
McGregor, Monie
McKinley, Robert
McLaren-Kaufman, Nancy
McVay, Karen
Miller, Pamela
Mueller, Jeff
Neilson, Alden
Olson, John
O'Neal, Laurie
Patrick-Sellers, Victoria
Phillips, Debra
Price, Barbara
Riley, Shawn
Roberts, Sandra
Robertson, Carol
Scott, Michael
Sellers, Victoria
Sly-Bohnett, Barbara
Stang, Lynda
Strawither, Charlene
Sudweeks, Marilyn
Terry, Kathleen
Trover, Mark
Tyler-Herschbach, Carol
Utzon, Peter
Villa, Leopold
Wales, Bud
Weaver, Jeffrey
Wells, Pat
Wells, Sue
West, Michael
White, Brian
Williams, John
Williams, Christine
Wilson-Roope, Carol
Wilson, James
Wilson, Jonathan
Winiford, Sharon
Woodard, Sandra