FUN FACTS ABOUT OUR CLASSMATES
These are the fun facts that were turned in at the reunion. We have some very talented and clever classmates.

1.   I  attempted to lift a Russian submarine from the ocean floor.

Bob Ellingson
I have raised a total of 38 fawns (baby deer) and released them with success.                (unknown)

3 3.  I am a FAA Hot Air Balloon Pilot.

        Former Tech Sergeant in U.S. Air Force

        Have a Masters in Library Science

         Sell wine corks on eBay
                                                                                   Kathleen Terry 

4 4. I am a wood turner and a Computer Geek

Jim St. Germain

5 5. I make custom designed Bath and Body products, Better known as “Charlie”

Tana Hart Warner 

6.  I am the first elected Treasurer for the City of Atascadero, California
                                                                                                              Steven Rizzuto


7.                I always wanted to be a Westmont Warrior Cheerleader!!

Pat Adcock Palumbo


8.  I drank beer backstage with Michael Hossack of the Doobie Brothers at Shoreline and Mt. Winery.

Kathy Wagner Anderson 

9.  I have traveled around the entire USA on the train.

Susan Brandon 

10. I worked on a cattle ranch during the summer before my Junior year.

Ron Freier 

   11. I roast my own coffee!                                    Jim Ferguson

   12. I have a 6 year-old daughter.                        Karl Rohrkemper

    13. In my senior picture that was not my real hair.   Marilyn Heinen

   14. I spent three years as the tuba player with the Peninsula Symphony

      Orchestra!                                                                Kris Stephens

   15. I lived in Mexico City for 11 years and

*              Never got “the Trots" and was never mugged            Eric Lund

    16. I invented and marketed a bucket with a hole in the bottom.

                                                      Russell Fritz

 17. I collect Elephants and have over 950 in my collection.


18. Lived in Las Vegas for 25 years. Had to pay a middle-man to keep the mafia from skimming money from our profits.

John Caito 

19. I was one of the three male cheerleaders in the class of 1969.

     1 potato, 2 potato, 3 potato 4. Com on Westmont (ugh!) Let’s score!

Chuck Allison 

20. I will have citizenship in three countries by the end of this year.

Nancy Leone Lavorato 

21. My son is a lion tamer in Las Vegas!

Robbie Piper